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Portrait Hana Peregrinova Portrait Hana Peregrinova
Hana Peregrinova
Head of Congress
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Franck Grosset
Head of PCO and Innovation Hubs
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Ivan Muñoz
Regional Director, Spain

The effects of climate change are increasingly recognised across the world, ensuring that sustainability remains high on the agenda for business and governments and is also becoming normal practice for us as consumers in our everyday lives.

The production and management of plastics, emerging technologies, data protection laws, information security and social values such as equality in the workplace all represent top priority issues for our stakeholders and are well embedded within our company strategy, together with quality, commitment, respect, innovation, inclusivity and transparency among our core values.

Our Journey…

Kuoni Congress began its sustainability journey back in early 2016. In June 2018 for the first time, it successfully the third party audited its Sustainability Event Management System according to the ISO 20121 framework that has been established in its offices of Barcelona, Copenhagen and Geneva

The division is addressing many topics in its commitment to reduce its impact and promote the responsible business practice, parts of which coincide with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of:

4-  Quality Education (Raising Awareness activities of employees and suppliers)

7- Affordable and Clean Energy (Finding new possibilities for climate friendly congresses via our partneships with suppliers)

10- Reduced Inequalities (Inclusivity and Diversity actions e.g. dietary friendly catering, prayers and breastfeeding rooms).

12- Responsible Consumption and Production  and 17 Partneship for the goals (Sup

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