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BCN Conference on Sustainable Tourism for Development

Barcelona | 200 delegates

Kuoni Congress successfully won a public bid to provide services for this International Conference to promote Sustainable Tourism, thanks to the sustainability measures it was able to include in its pitch to the public organisation “Barcelona Activa”

The International Conference for Sustainable Tourism presented a comprehensive programme of Keynote Speakers and Round Table discussions relating to the promotion of sustainability in tourism, and was specifically organised to coincide with the dates of the 2017 UN Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

200 delegates from public entities were invited to attend the event, mainly from Spain but a limited number of attendees also attended from other countries in Europe, and further afield. Various press representatives (national and international) were also present to report on the day’s findings.

For the event Kuoni Congress arranged for the delegate passes to be printed on seed paper, an alternative that is not only environmentally friendly but contributed towards the delegate’s awareness of the impact of their participation on the environment. The seed badges were a huge hit with at least one delegate sharing the novel idea on the social media site “Instagram”.

The catering service was another area where Kuoni Congress were able to promote responsible practice, collaborating with “Cuina Justa”, a catering company where 80% of the staff base is comprised by individuals who encounter issues related to mental health and/or may find themselves at risk of social exclusion. Kuoni Congress also assured that “Cuina Justa” provided a vegetarian menu in keeping with their own commitment to reducing carbon emissions at their Congresses.

Following the event our Barcelona team arranged for the NGO Nutricion Sin Fronteras (Nutrition Without Borders) to come to the venue where they were able to collect 20kg of leftover food which was then distributed between two social centres located in disadvantaged areas of the city.

The client “Barcelona Activa” was very happy with the services and sustainability added value that the Barcelona team was able to provide. This experience has been vital in demonstrating capacity both internally and to Kuoni Congress clients, that Kuoni Congress has the tools to offer services that are conscious and capable of offsetting their own impact.

Rosa Bada of Barcelona Activa said of the event, “Working with Kuoni Congress has been a great experience for Barcelona City Council’s Tourism Department. We had the support of a very professional and great team (female team!) that helped us to organize our Conference in the best and most efficient way you could expect, whilst maintaining a comfortable and happy work process. However the most important factor was the value added by Kuoni Congress in assuring that the Conference was itself a sustainable product, offering us a wide variety of different actions related to paperless production, energy and waste reduction, social impact and social accommodation among others: all of this set the perfect backdrop for our 200 delegates to debate about sustainable tourism in a sustainable way!!”

Kuoni Congress began its sustainability journey back in early 2016, and hopes to achieve the ISO 20121 certificate in 2018. The division will address many topics in its commitment to reduce its impact and promote responsible business practice, a portion of which coincide with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of :

4. Quality Education
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
6. Clean Water & Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

ISO 20121 Live Audit at ESTRO Congress

Barcelona | 200 delegates

The Stage 2 Live Audit of the Kuoni Congress Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS) took place over 2 days in Barcelona, during the set up and opening days of the ESTRO Congress on 19 – 20th April, 2018.

The audit consisted of a documentation review and series of interviews with Kuoni Congress employees and selected business partners to confirm that the Sustainability Event Management System is playing an active role within the Kuoni Congress workflow.

The influence that the Operations team was able to exert in terms of sustainability was evident in communications and actions carried out in collaboration with suppliers and clients.

The Operations teams worked with clients and suppliers to explain the sustainability policy of Kuoni Congress, and the reasons behind proposing specific sustainability actions that addressed the impacts of event activities. 100% of Kuoni Congress’s ESTRO suppliers are now signatories of the Kuoni Congress Supplier Code of Conduct, and 4 of the ESTRO hotel suppliers scored among the top 10 in a recent survey to test the compliance of Kuoni Congress suppliers with the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Accessibility is an important topic for Kuoni Congress, addressed by sharing the numerous accessible facilities in Barcelona with the different delegations at ESTRO. Furthermore catering providers highlighted food specifications in their menus, ensuring accessibility for all in Kuoni Congress’s food service at ESTRO.

Waste reduction and management was also addressed by Kuoni Congress suppliers by avoiding plastic and disposable materials, providing recycling bins and reducing resources where possible.

Hotels were asked to create a “stationary bar” at the entry to the meeting rooms, so that delegates could access stationary on a needs basis.

The Barcelona Princess Hotel in particular demonstrated its long term commitment to sustainability via such actions as the local and seasonal sourcing in their breakfast buffet and menus, as well as their collaboration with the NGO Nutrición Sin Fronteras (Nutrition Without Borders), who collected 50kg of leftover food from the Barcelona Princess and Diagonal Mar hotels, to be subsequently distributed among communities within the city of Barcelona.

MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona), the venue of the Presidential Cocktail for 200 business leaders on the first night of the ESTRO Congress demonstrated their very sound accessibility policy and involvement in local social projects, as well as their other initiatives to further integrate sustainability into the building and organisation.

Vilaplana, the catering company, played an important part in the success of this ISO 20121 Live Audit, explaining their own strict policies for waste management and the prevention of food waste, evident in the creative presentation of the dishes that avoided plastic and disposable items. Vilaplana also highlighted their food specifications policy to ensure that guests could easily enjoy the catering without worrying about any specific requirements.

Vilaplana also contributed towards an awareness raising collaboration with the company Eaternity, who were able to calculate the CO2 and water footprint for 4 of the dishes in the cocktail menu. This data was shared with the guests via the menu cards that were located on tables around the venue.

Autocares Izaro was another supportive supplier. With their attention to detail in sourcing, measuring and employee training, Izaro provides their clients with a responsible service that is certified to the prestigious standards of ISO 14001 and 9001.

The ESTRO organisers themselves also joined forces to support the sustainability goal, with actions such as the publication of a range of information on their website regarding the sustainability policy of Kuoni Congress and accessibility facilities within the city of Barcelona, among others.

The success of this live audit ensures that the Kuoni Congress Sustainability Event Management System will be recommended for ISO 20121 certification, and is scheduled to become officially certified by the end of May 2018.

Kuoni Congress Sustainability Team would like to express their thanks to all clients, suppliers and colleagues involved in this successful event.

Kuoni Congress began its sustainability journey back in early 2016. The division will address many topics in its commitment to reduce its impact and promote responsible business practice, parts of which coincide with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of :

4. Quality Education
8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
6. Clean Water & Sanitation
7. Affordable and Clean Energy
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

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