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Portrait Hana Peregrinova Portrait Hana Peregrinova
Hana Peregrinova
Head of Congress
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Franck Grosset
Head of Destinations
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Ivan Muñoz
Congress Manager, Spain

Ärztetage 2015

Grado | 1000 delegates

Ärztetage and Kuoni Congress – over 20 years and still going strong

Since 1993, Kuoni Congress has been the official PCO for Ärztetage congress, organised by the Austrian Doctor’s Academy. Held in Italy, the congress attracts almost 1000 attendees each year.
In its 24th ​year, the Ärztetage is still a valuable congress in this relatively unknown congress destination of Grado. Located on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, time seems to stand still in this charming little city, and its size represents a challenging destination for a congress that witnesses 1000 attendees. But despite this, our main objective each year is to bring a new bout of pace, technology and professionalism, ensuring that Ärztetage continues for 20 more years to come.


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